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Parody: LJSecret

Sunday, July 9, 2006

11:55AM - New Maintainer

So, you've noticed there have been nary an update in parody_ljsecret for some time, correct?

No more! That time is gone! I have sought a new and more exciting maintainer/moderator: i_hollywould

Please submit any secrets that you have not seen posted at all, as they have been lost in the unfortunate "Computer Update of Summer '06."

Saturday, April 29, 2006

6:18PM - Submissions Post #1

All righty, folks, here's a sumbissions post!

From now on, this is the way we will all see new secrets. I will try to have a post every other day (starting today) so that we get a bit of structure here. I hope that sounds pretty good for all of you.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Please reply to this entry with a link to your post. Please do NOT post the image itself, but just the LINK. Why is this? I, the moderator, use a Macintosh and there are no right-clicks to find out the link to the image. Plus, you will make it much easier on me if you simply post the link.

2. Anonymous posts are certainly allowed, but it's up to you. Personally, since these are humor-oriented, I would think that most people would want credit for their cleverness; however, I can certainly see the reasoning behind wanting some anonymity, so I will allow that. Postings will have credit given to each artist of the "secrets" and all anonymous "secrets" will be credited to Anonymous. Good enough, yes?

3. Please try to make everything legible (unless that's part of the joke, then that's just fine). Spelling errors and typos are understandable every once in awhile, but please try to check your work. Additionally, please make an extra effort to make sure that text is both large enough to read and that it stands out from the background (again, unless you are deliberately parody-ing something).

4. Don't worry about offending anyone!

** Remember, comments are screened. This means that they won't show up to all of you folks, but they will be delivered to my inbox, where I will view them. I will allow comments on this particular entry, but will keep all submissions private.



4:30PM - Okay, team, ready? Go!

We don't have very many posts yet! I'm sure you've all figured that out already, but oh well. We need more posts!

Here are some common themes from the musicsecret and ljsecret that might help some people out:
~ I'm anorexic but it's okay, because I like myself like this.
~ I'm in love with you but you're a girl and so am I and that is wrong, but I'm straight and so are you, oh noes what will we do?
~ I copied this picture from MySpace and blurred out your face so I can show the world that I stalk you but still know how to use the "smudge" tool in Photo Shop. WILL YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE I'M SO ARTISTIC?
~ Pete Wentz shouldn't belong to Fall-Out Boy, he should belong to me because he will have my child someday.
~ (some crappy band/some crappy song) changed my life!

There are probably many more common themes than just these few (because those communities pretty much parody themselves), but if anyone has more suggestions to add to the list, please let me know and I will credit you.

Additionally, the mods of ljsecret and musicsecret have not responded to me, so I'm assuming that they think we can do anything; this means that I no longer care about affiliation and let's all just go all out on the parody thing. Let's be as offensive as we want! Pornography for everyone! Yay!

Questions, comments, marriage proposals are welcome!

Monday, April 24, 2006


...'cmon you had to have known this was coming.

Current mood: fanngrrrl!

6:44PM - Parody: LJ Secret Post #1

Here is the very first post of Parody: LJ Secret!

Now, as we have very few members thus far, I must reiterate what I requested last post and ask you all to try to recruit people. Additionally, I do need some submissions, or I will have to make all of the posts myself and you would all get quite sick of my wacky sense of humor after awhile.

Enough of that! Here is a "secret!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Saturday, April 22, 2006

4:39PM - First "Secret" Post . . .

So, as this community is quite figuratively in its "fetus" stage of development, I'm going to need to ask a favor of all you lovely people who have joined it already.

Number One: Please submit your "secrets." (I'm going to put "secrets" in quotes every time I type it. Heh heh.) If you don't know how to do that for this particular community, then check out the user info. I've set up two ways to do it.

Number Two: We have very few members thus far. This means that we are going to a) not have very many secrets and b) not have much variation of said secrets. So I'm asking for promotion! If anyone can, please try to contact the maintainers of ljsecret and musicsecret and direct them to our user info page. It would be great to become an affiliate of those two communities because their members are in something like the thousands. To any prospective new members, please make it clear that this is all supposed to be funny and we're not just being royal douchebags. I'm going to instigate a strict "no assholery" policy, so please be aware of that.

Mmmkay? Does this sound all well and good to you? Good! Great! Wonderful!

11:30AM - Community Info


This is the community parody_ljsecret!

It began as a sort of joke when a few of us were making fun of secrets posted in ljsecret and musicsecret we decided to make a sort of spin-off community.

What it is: Parody: LJ Secret is a community dedicated to poking fun at the secrets posted in LJ Secret and Music Secret. Comedy, it turns out, is a human defense mechanism and making fun of the delicate secrets posted daily in such communities as LJ Secret and Music Secret is merely our way of saying, "We're in pain and we're also in denial."

Plus, it's damn funny.

What it is NOT: Parody: LJ Secret is definitely not us making fun of the people who post it OR the fact that they have secrets. Clearly, such secrets are very important to the posters. We are merely poking fun at some of the more stereotypical secrets posted and also making up secrets that no one would actually post.

Again, Parody: LJ Secret is just that - a parody. We really enjoy LJ Secret and Music Secret and are just making a type of spin-off. This is only for enjoyment and the majority of us follow the aforementioned communities quite religiously. We do not mean to offend, but only to joke.

Thanks for participating!