delyera (delyera) wrote in parody_ljsecret,

Okay, team, ready? Go!

We don't have very many posts yet! I'm sure you've all figured that out already, but oh well. We need more posts!

Here are some common themes from the musicsecret and ljsecret that might help some people out:
~ I'm anorexic but it's okay, because I like myself like this.
~ I'm in love with you but you're a girl and so am I and that is wrong, but I'm straight and so are you, oh noes what will we do?
~ I copied this picture from MySpace and blurred out your face so I can show the world that I stalk you but still know how to use the "smudge" tool in Photo Shop. WILL YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE I'M SO ARTISTIC?
~ Pete Wentz shouldn't belong to Fall-Out Boy, he should belong to me because he will have my child someday.
~ (some crappy band/some crappy song) changed my life!

There are probably many more common themes than just these few (because those communities pretty much parody themselves), but if anyone has more suggestions to add to the list, please let me know and I will credit you.

Additionally, the mods of ljsecret and musicsecret have not responded to me, so I'm assuming that they think we can do anything; this means that I no longer care about affiliation and let's all just go all out on the parody thing. Let's be as offensive as we want! Pornography for everyone! Yay!

Questions, comments, marriage proposals are welcome!
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