delyera (delyera) wrote in parody_ljsecret,

Community Info


This is the community parody_ljsecret!

It began as a sort of joke when a few of us were making fun of secrets posted in ljsecret and musicsecret we decided to make a sort of spin-off community.

What it is: Parody: LJ Secret is a community dedicated to poking fun at the secrets posted in LJ Secret and Music Secret. Comedy, it turns out, is a human defense mechanism and making fun of the delicate secrets posted daily in such communities as LJ Secret and Music Secret is merely our way of saying, "We're in pain and we're also in denial."

Plus, it's damn funny.

What it is NOT: Parody: LJ Secret is definitely not us making fun of the people who post it OR the fact that they have secrets. Clearly, such secrets are very important to the posters. We are merely poking fun at some of the more stereotypical secrets posted and also making up secrets that no one would actually post.

Again, Parody: LJ Secret is just that - a parody. We really enjoy LJ Secret and Music Secret and are just making a type of spin-off. This is only for enjoyment and the majority of us follow the aforementioned communities quite religiously. We do not mean to offend, but only to joke.

Thanks for participating!
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