delyera (delyera) wrote in parody_ljsecret,

First "Secret" Post . . .

So, as this community is quite figuratively in its "fetus" stage of development, I'm going to need to ask a favor of all you lovely people who have joined it already.

Number One: Please submit your "secrets." (I'm going to put "secrets" in quotes every time I type it. Heh heh.) If you don't know how to do that for this particular community, then check out the user info. I've set up two ways to do it.

Number Two: We have very few members thus far. This means that we are going to a) not have very many secrets and b) not have much variation of said secrets. So I'm asking for promotion! If anyone can, please try to contact the maintainers of ljsecret and musicsecret and direct them to our user info page. It would be great to become an affiliate of those two communities because their members are in something like the thousands. To any prospective new members, please make it clear that this is all supposed to be funny and we're not just being royal douchebags. I'm going to instigate a strict "no assholery" policy, so please be aware of that.

Mmmkay? Does this sound all well and good to you? Good! Great! Wonderful!
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