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This is the community parody_ljsecret!

It began as a sort of joke when a few of us were making fun of secrets posted in ljsecret and musicsecret we decided to make a sort of spin-off community.

What it is: Parody: LJ Secret is a community dedicated to poking fun at the secrets posted in LJ Secret and Music Secret. Comedy, it turns out, is a human defense mechanism and making fun of the delicate secrets posted daily in such communities as LJ Secret and Music Secret is merely our way of saying, "We're in pain and we're also in denial."

Plus, it's damn funny.

What it is NOT: Parody: LJ Secret is definitely not us making fun of the people who post it OR the fact that they have secrets. Clearly, such secrets are very important to the posters. We are merely poking fun at some of the more stereotypical secrets posted and also making up secrets that no one would actually post.

I would also like people to be aware that this community was not begun as an attempt to maliciously attack people. If you read the name of the community very carefully, you'll realize that the word "parody" is in it. As defined by The Oxford English Dictionary, a parody is: "an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect." Is there anything in there about being a jerk, an evil bastard, or an all-around douche? Nope, not at all.

Again, Parody: LJ Secret is just that - a parody. We really enjoy LJ Secret and Music Secret and are just making a type of spin-off. This is only for enjoyment and the majority of us follow the aforementioned communities quite religiously. We do not mean to offend, but only to joke.

How to Submit "Secrets": You can do this several ways. Firstly, if you don't mind having your LJ-Username attached to it, just select "parody_ljsecret" in the post-to drop-down menu when you update your journal. Since the community is currently moderated, all posts will be sent to delyera's journal (that's me!) and she (again, that's me!) will post them. All will be posted so the moderation is basically just a formality.

Another way to submit your "secrets" is similar to the way ljsecret and musicsecret do it: I will open a submissions post every Friday and you can comment anonymously with a link to your "secret." New "secrets" will then be posted.

Additionally, as this community has quite literally just gotten started, many of the "secrets" will be made by yours truly (me!). Perhaps you will start to get sick of me quite rapidly, and in that case, feel free to submit "secrets" using one of the aforementioned methods.

The "No Assholery Policy": Granted, our community is dedicated to humor and caricaturizing ljsecret and musicsecret so naturally the members of the community will be lighthearted and take things with a proverbial "grain of salt" as it is, but I still feel the need to instigate a "No Assholery" Policy. What does this mean? Uh, seriously? It means, simply, don't be an asshole. Okay? Or you will be banned - forthwith. Really.

Thanks for participating!

*Disclaimer* As of this moment, 4:30 PM Central Standard Time on Saturday, April 22nd, 2006, we are not yet affiliated with ljsecret or musicsecret. We are currently trying to contact the mods of those communities so we can get some publicity and some more members, because in this case especially - the more the merrier! (Sorry, the situation warranted a cliche.)